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YNX·64RACT Listed by Anonymous

RATING: -332

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Anonymous: 2009 BMW 135I (White)

Speeding in excess of 100km/h along Flemington Road (Designated 60km/h zone)
The driver was also tailgating other drivers and was observed to cross from the far left lane into a right turning lane without indicating and disregarding unbroken lane markers.

Female driver in crappy little used BMW.

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Anonymous: Haha i’m sorry but that is not a crappy little BMW. 3.0L v6 in a little 1 series. what a beast of a car.
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jerold: someone remind me what pythagoras theorm is again got a driver test soon and can someone link me a video of hhow to make broiled eggs with out a broiler
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Anonymous: It's a 1 series - enough said.

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Anonymous: Dumb muppet doesn't know how to drive she should uber to her job in Fishwick
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