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BMW M3: Went to overtake this P-plate lunatic in a de-badged white BMW several times as he was driving quite slowly as I approached in my BMW M3 and kept rolling slowly up to to traffic lights for some reason, killing my clutch. Each time I went to overtake he would pull in front of me and block me off and then proceed to brake test me. He did this on ANZAC parade, then on Moore Park Road. Last time was at the intersection of Queen Street, I went to turn left and he cut me off and then slammed his brakes on, I almost rear-ended him. Once stopped in the middle of the intersection he and his girlfriend both wound down their windows and gesticulated something stupid (pinky finger + thumb? wtf?). I opened my driver's door and they sped off, through the red light and straight anyway (not left, as I wanted to). If you see this jealous idiot in his stupid white debadged BMW 3-series with number plate LFTERI (which is surely his last name but spelt with a F instead of an E) then avoid or leave PLENTY of room because he literally could move in any direction at any time. Likes to use 2 lanes plus all turning lanes just to go straight.
6 months ago
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