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BEA·58PNSW Listed by Karrie


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Karrie: This person is an older female. Probably 60+.
She was driving erratically and all over the road.
I first encountered her at Wentworth Falls. She sped around me and swerved between other cars. She was braking and swerving around the cars in front of her. Then she got frustrated when she had to stop at the traffic lights. She was then abusing anybody and everybody that was in front of her for holding her up. She also had a dog in the back seat. Looks like a Labrador or golden retriever. She was abusing the dog as well and slapping the dog in the face. This woman was frightening me.
After she left the lights at Wentworth Falls she sped through the school zone and was abusing drivers that were driving to the 40km zone. I then seen her driving and swerving in between cars.
I lost sight of her at Leura because she was speeding.

I did not recognise vehicle model as it wasn’t a common model to me. The colour of the vehicle is a grey/silver colour.

Yours Sincerely
Karren R
2 months ago
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