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1OY 5ECVic Listed by Darren Mitchell

RATING: -15056

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Darren Mitchell: Has blue car. I don’t like blue. Holden. Holden on. Omnidirectional first like. 👹 little h big M. Skeuomorphism skeleboner.

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1 year ago
Anonymous: What did it do?))
1 year ago
Dazza: Went the speed limit :) 140km/h
1 year ago
Dazza: saw the kid at maccas trying to do a "phat" burnout as he called it - in the Hungry Jack drive-thru

The only rubber that should've torn was the condom :(
17 days ago
dan smith: this kid was using the local roundabout in the center of town as a skid pan, going around and around in a huge cloud of smoke. this was in traralgon vic btw, beware other road users!!
17 days ago
daniel: driver looks like this when he drivin
17 days ago
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