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Site Rules & advice

  • If you're funny, your post or comment might be listed on the 'funny posts' page.
  • All comments are the responsibility of the person leaving them.
  • The site admin may remove any comments deemed inappropriate or pointless.
  • Please describe why you are listing a driver. If not, your post will be removed.
  • Can you get your vehicle removed from this site? There would need to be a good reason.
  • Warning: Sharing of driver ratings on facebook may make you popular.
  • It's nice to recognise people who are courteous on the road.
  • The site uses a bad language filter. Try to be funny instead of vulgar.
  • If you find a comment obviously offensive, you can report it to admin. You can only report 3 comments.
  • The idea is to list vehicles, not people. The driver knows who they are, having their vehicle listed is shaming enough. If you identify someone by name, your post will be removed.

Report a hoon to Authorities

Hooning activities include, but are not limited to,

  • Illegal street racing
  • Travelling at high speeds
  • Burnout offences (including donuts, fishtailing)
  • Playing loud music from car stereos
  • Speed boat hooning
  • Drink driving

If the incident is happening now please call Triple Zero, otherwise, click to open the sites below to report the hooning:

About this site

This site was started in 2016 for a bit of fun after discovering the UK version. Thank you for contributing!
If you have a problem with anything, please leave a comment on a post explaining why, and then report your comment to alert a moderator.
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