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VGV·813SA Listed by Felix Saunders


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Felix Saunders: he drove thru a red light like if there was no tomorrow
7 months ago
Abe More: this driver is a pentioner thats driveing over allmost 120 mph in a 60 mph zone and he does 30 in a express lane on a high way its like wtf and he hasnt swapedhis tires cause the track on them are ruiend
6 months ago
Mr foxy: This fat oaf had no fuel cap and his right door was missing his rear view side mirrors hit my car and he kept beeping his horn to the beat of the song in his car
6 months ago
rick sanchez: i pulled up to this driver at a red light and told him and said "Mate why did you cut me off before" and he pulled out a black case from under his seat he opened it and pulled out a pistol and waved it at me !!!
6 months ago
Jezza: The old man ran into my car and came out of the car with a baseball Nd screamed "you shall not pass!!!"
6 months ago
James: He did doughnuts in the middle of the street and broke a fire extinguisher
6 months ago
eric cartman: i was driveing on lonsdale highway and this drivers boot opened while he was driveing and brickes cement mix and other stuff fell from his trunk and some of the stuff dammaged my car !! so i pulled up to him at a red light and asked for inshurence information and he said oh really and got out of his car and started pissing on my wind screen
6 months ago
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