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CYJ·12SNSW Listed by Anonymous

RATING: -200

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Anonymous: Very Dangerous driver, tailgated me and proceeded to stick his fingers out the window at me.
1 year ago
Anonymous: Nearly crashed into me last week
1 year ago
Anonymous: Great young man.. Couple of months ago gave me a hand putting my groceries in my car.
1 year ago
Jim: This driver nearly killed me and my 7 dogs in the back seat. Scared the living daylights out of me. What a HOON. Consider the lives of others when you decide to drive like a skid racer!
1 year ago
John: he is a very bad driver he all most killed me in the highway
11 months ago
Terry: Why do you have 7 dogs?
7 months ago
Damien: Shithouse
6 months ago
Dave: Tailgated me all the way to my house. Shat on my windscreen. Very unhappy :(
5 months ago
mk: shat on my groceries.
4 months ago
TommyJo and his Yoyo: What a twat.
3 months ago
JoTommy: he a thot
3 months ago
Jennifer: He tried to rape me, but I ran away, got to my car and saw him following me in his car, but I got away.
3 months ago
Liam: He dumped into my car. Then got out of his car and started shouting at me and my kids. He then took out his pen*s and slapped it ontop of my bonnet in anger!!
1 month ago
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